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Armaflex Elastomeric Nitrile Rubber Insulation Sheets & Tubes

Armaflex Nitrile Rubber Elastomeric Foam Sheets and Tubes from Armacell

Armaflex foam rubberised products efficiently reduce condensation drip and heat flow.

Class O Armacell is the flexible, closed cell, elastomeric, nitrile rubber insulation that offers reliable protection against condensation and effectively prevents energy loss.

Armacell insulation prevents condensation and energy losses.

A highly efficient method of insulating hot and cold water services, chilled water lines, heating systems, air conditioning duct work and refrigerated pipe work for frost protection, energy conservation and condensation control.

Armacell is dust free, fibre free and CFC free with an ODP of zero which means an environmentally friendly product.

Product Functions

Armaflex Elastomeric Foam Rubber is designed for process work, hot and cold water services, chilled water lines, heating systems. air conditioning, ductwork, refrigeration pipework and ancillary equipment insulation

Actis Triso Sols Under-floor Heating Multi-foil

Product Benefits

The competitive advantage of specifying Class O Armacell is that it provides ...

Built in vapour barrier prevents condensation
Reduces energy losses by up to 87%
Lightweight and flexible, quick and easy installation with low maintenance requirements, resulting in time and cost savings
Excellent resistance to the effects of ozone, oil and chemicals (consult product test list)

Armacell provides peace-of-mind assurance in the knowledge that it is made to the strictest quality, technical performance and environmentally friendly standards.

Product Description

Prevents Moisture Permeation

Multi-layered closed wall cells provide a built-in vapour barrier which can’t be compromised by surface punctures or rips - this ensures the vapour barrier stays working for the lifetime of the insulation system.

Active antimicrobial protection provides added security against air pollutants in buildings

The air inside buildings can be up to ten times more contaminated with air-borne pollutants than the air outside. Excess moisture in combination with dust and dirt particles provides an ideal breeding ground for microbial growth. The microbes themselves then release spores, cells, particles and volatile organic compounds (VOC) and thus may also contribute to sick building syndrome. Among the most serious consequences are an increase in respiratory, allergic and asthmatic illnesses and disturbances of the immune system.

Suitable building materials can prevent dirt accumulation, moisture penetration and thus mould growth. As they are dust- and fibre-free materials, Armaflex products already have passive protection against micro-organisms. It is much more difficult for germs to settle on the smooth, non-porous surface of the material and they do not find the nutrients they need to grow. The closed-microcell structure and high resistance to water vapour transmission, provide Armaflex insulations with reliable protection against moisture ingress.

Inhibits Growth of Mould

Minimises moisture permeation, the first requirement for mould growth

Minimises the second requirement: No cellulosic vapour jacket, and the smooth surface does not trap dust.


Ensures that Armacell is a low-emitting product. It is also low VOC.

Support Requirements of Health & Indoor-Air-Quality

Dust and Fibre-Free

Will not emit any particles or fibres - even when cut into shapes and fittings

No out gassing - CFC & HCFC free manufacturing process

Armaflex products have active protection against bacteria, mould and mildew. Antimicrobially-active additives from Microban are built into the Armaflex products during the manufacturing process. These additives penetrate the cell walls of the microbes and disable important cell functions. As a result the micro-organism is unable to function and can no longer grow or multiply. The Microban technology prevents bacteria, mould and mildew settling on the insulation throughout its service life. Armaflex is, therefore, predestined for use in public buildings, health care facilities, schools and nurseries.

Provides Long-Term Thermal Performance

Non-wicking - No transmission of water vapour is possible through the insulation due to the closed cell nature of Armacell. Moisture will not migrate through professionally installed Armacell.

Long-Term Durability

No fragile water vapour barrier - The built-in vapour barrier can’t be “damaged” during installation or over the lifetime of the insulation.

Avoids Thermal Bridging

Armacell is a seamless insulation system - these same technical properties provide a secure system.

Long-Term Energy Efficiency

By minimising the ingress of water vapour into the insulation the multi-layered cells in Armacell prevent the thermal conductivity from rising. Increased thermal conductivity can in the long term lead to increased energy costs and surface condensation.

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Availability: Popular product readily available throughout the country. Due to the vey significant product size / dimensions variants, short lead-times may be involved for the less popular varieties.

Armaflex products are ‘non-stock items’ - that are delivered directly from the manufacturer or their distributor. While this does not necessarily add to delivery lead times, it does impact minimum order levels and related delivery costs.”

In the case of Armaflex we require a minimum order of £250.00, in addition to an order of ‘stock items’ to a value of £500.00 or more, which would equate to a total minimum order size of £750.00. (Prices exclude VAT)

Armaflex Elastomeric Nitrile Foam Rubber Sheets, Tubes & Accessories

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Our Prices are currently being revised please contact us for the latest prices

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Product Information and Certification

Links to manufacturer's information. Click to download in a separate browser window.

Armaflex Sheets and Tubes Class 'O' Datasheet | Armaflex Application Guide

Supervised Manufacturing & Technical Values

Factory Mutual Approval Guide - guarantee consistent performance to published values by monitoring ...

Fire Performance (FM pipe chase test, Flammability test), Water Vapour Transmission, and Thermal Conductivity.

Supervised Quality Standards

ISO Registration ensures that all Armacell manufacturing facilities consistently meet customer requirements by managing all processes with ongoing quality assessments.

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