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Brand Product Type
ActisHControl HybridMultifoil
CelotexThermaclass Cavity Wall 21PIR
iTPFlameOut Block FRMembrane
iTPFlameOut BreatheMembrane
British GypsumFirelinePlasterboard
British GypsumMoisture ResistantPlasterboard
British GypsumSoundblocPlasterboard
British GypsumDuplexPlasterboard
British GypsumWallboardPlasterboard
IsoverAcoustic Partition RollGlass Wool
IsoverSpacesaverGlass Wool
KemwellCorex A1Plasterboard
KemwellFireKem FP900Building Board
KemwellMultiKem MP1000Building Board
KingspanKooltherm K5Phenolic
KingspanKooltherm K15Phenolic
KingspanKooltherm K103Phenolic
KingspanKooltherm K106Phenolic
KingspanKooltherm K107Phenolic
KingspanKooltherm K108Phenolic
KingspanKooltherm K110 PlusPhenolic
KingspanKooltherm K110Phenolic
KingspanKooltherm K112Phenolic
KingspanKooltherm K118Phenolic
KingspanThermafloor TF70PIR
KingspanThermapitch TP10PIR
KingspanThermaroof TR24PIR
KingspanThermaroof TR26PIR
KingspanThermaroof TR27PIR
KingspanThermawall TW55PIR
iTPUltra BlockMembrane
PromatSupaluxBuilding Board
PromatMasterboardBuilding Board
RecticelEurothane GPPIR
RecticelEurowall Cavity PlusPIR
RockwoolAblative BattRock wool
RockwoolCavity SlabRock wool
RockwoolFire BarrierRock wool
RockwoolFlexiRock wool
RockwoolBuilding Slab RWA45Rock wool
RockwoolBuilding Slab RW3Rock wool
RockwoolBuilding Slab RW5Rock wool
SolaTube25cm Flat Roof (Energy Care Optima)Sun Pipe
SolaTube25cm Flat RoofSun Pipe
SolaTube25cm Pitch Roof (Energy Care Optima)Sun Pipe
SolaTube25cm Pitch Roof (Universal)Sun Pipe
SolaTube25cm Pitch Roof (Slate & Plain)Sun Pipe
SolaTube25cm Wall MountSun Pipe
SolaTube35cm Flat Roof (Energy Care Optima)Sun Pipe
SolaTube35cm Flat RoofSun Pipe
SolaTube35cm Pitch Roof (Energy Care Optima)Sun Pipe
SolaTube35cm Pitch Roof (Universal)Sun Pipe
SolaTube35cm Pitch Roof (Slate & Plain)Sun Pipe
SolaTube35cm Wall MountSun Pipe
ThermafleeceCosyWool RollECO Wool
ThermafleeceCosyWool SlabECO Wool
ThermafleeceNatraHempECO Wool
ThermafleeceSupaSoftECO Wool
ThermafleeceUltraWoolECO Wool
ThermafleeceBreather MembraneMembrane
ThermafleeceThermofloc VSD MembraneMembrane
WarmlineEPS Plasterboard LaminatePolystyrene
WarmlinePIR Plasterboard LaminatePIR
WarmlinePIR Ply LamiantePIR
WarmlineXPS Plasterboard LaminatePolystyrene
Brand Product Type