Isover Acoustic Partition Roll glass mineral wool roll Isover Insulation

Isover Acoustic Roll (APR 1200)

A lightweight glass mineral wool acoustic insulation blanket.

Suitable for use in internal and separating timber and metal stud walls as well as floor applications.

Achieves a Euroclass A1 Reaction to Fire classification, according to BS EN 13501-1.

Does not sustain vermin, nor will it breed or promote fungi and/or bacteria growth.

Delivers a measurable reduction in sound transmission through a wide variety of lightweight partition walls and floors.

Isover Acoustic Roll glass mineral wool insulation is manufactured from up to 75% recycled glass.

Thicknesses and Availability:

Available in most popular thicknesses at most depots; short lead-times may apply if we need to get stock in before delivering to site.

This Acoustic Partition Roll Range includes the following readily available product thicknesses: 25mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm. 65mm is also available, but may not be widely stocked, so may only be available in pallet quantities.

Product Information

General information about Isover Acoustic Partition Roll

Product Application

Glass mineral wool insulation blanket

Isovers acoustic glass mineral wool insulation, Acoustic Partion Roll (APR 1200), is suitable for use in cold pitched and flat roofs, internal metal and timber partition and separating walls and floors.

Product Make-up


Isover Acoustic Roll (APR 1200) is manufactured from sand, recycled glass, limestone and soda ash, span into long strands before being bound and compressed into matted layers with zero ozone depletion potential (zero ODP) and low global warming potential (GWP).


Unfaced as standard, however, we may be able to supply polyencapsulated rolls on request, depending on requirements.

Product Properties

Thickness 25mm to 100mm
Roll Length 9.17m - 20m (dependant on thickness)
Roll Width 1.2m

Product Prices

Buy Isover Acoustic Roll (APR 1200)

Product ex-VAT inc-VAT
Isover Acoustic Partition Roll (APR 1200) 25mm, 2 x 0.6x20m = 24m² £45.84 £55.00
Isover Acoustic Partition Roll (APR 1200) 50mm, 2 x 0.6x13m = 15.6m² £46.01 £55.21
Isover Acoustic Partition Roll (APR 1200) 65mm, 24 x (2 x 0.6x10m) = 288m² £1,207.39 £1,448.86
Isover Acoustic Partition Roll (APR 1200) 75mm, 2 x 0.6x12.2m = 14.64m² £62.04 £74.44
Isover Acoustic Partition Roll (APR 1200) 100mm, 2 x 0.6x9.17m = 11m² £56.19 £67.42

Reasonable stock levels are generally held at most of our depots. In some geographic locations, depots may stock alternates, however, we will contact you to discuss before proceeding with the order.

  • Generally 1 or 3 working days for delivery
  • Generally 1 to 5 working days for delivery
  • Generally 5 to 10 working days for delivery
  • Special request or made to order item, allow extended lead times. Minimum order levels may apply.
  • Please call to check availability and approximate lead times

Product availability depends upon stock levels at closest depot and delivery logistics to geographic locations

Product Performance and Guides

Product Performance, Manufacturer Downloads, and Installation Guides

Product Performance

Thermal Conductivity 0.039 W/m·K (insulant thickness 25 – 50 mm)
0.040 W/m·K (insulant thickness 65 mm)
0.043 W/m·K (insulant thickness ≥ 75 mm) W/m·K
BS EN 13162
Nominal Density approx. 16 kg/m²
Product Thickness Thermal Resistance kg/m²
Isover APR 1200 25mm 25mm 0.60 m²K/W approx. 0.45 kg/m²
Isover APR 1200 50mm 50mm 1.25 m²K/W approx. 0.9 kg/m²
Isover APR 1200 65mm 65mm 1.60 m²K/W approx. 1.17 kg/m²
Isover APR 1200 75mm 75mm 1.70 m²K/W approx. 1.34 kg/m²
Isover APR 1200 100mm 100mm 2.30 m²K/W approx. 1.8 kg/m²

Standards & Approval

Isover Acoustic Partition Roll is manufactured under Environmental Management System – ISO 14001. Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and Global Warming Potential (GWP) > 5. The manufacturing process does not use or contain CFC’s, HCFC’s or other damaging gases. BES 6001 Rating “Good” - The Framework Standard for Responsible Sourcing.

Isover Acoustic Partition Roll (75mm-100mm thickness) corresponds to the BRE Global Green Guide online generic specification glass wool insulation ref. 815320001. Acoustic Partition Roll (25-65mm thickness) corresponds to the BRE Global Green Guide online generic specification glass wool insulation ref. 815320002. All products achieve a summary rating of A+ within the Domestic, Health, Industrial, Commercial, Retail and Education categories.

Isover Acoustic Partition Roll is manufactured under Quality Management Standard – ISO 9001. and in accordance with BS EN 13162: Thermal insulation products for buildings. Factory made mineral wool (MW) products.