Kemwell FireKem FP-900 non combustable building board Kemwell Fire Protection

Kemwell FireKem FP-900

High performance non combustable calcium silicate building board.

Suitable for use in a number of applications including internal walls, ceilings, floors and roofs, as well as service enclosures, ductwork and shaft walls.

Fire Reaction Class: A1 Non Combustible EN13501-1.

Up to 240 minutes fire resistance (according to BS 476: Part 22: 1987) subject to system and application.

Resistant to the effects of moisture and will not physically deteriorate when used in damp or humid conditions.

Formulated without inorganic fibres; does not contain formaldehyde or asbestos.

The inherent alkalinity of the board makes it anti-bacterial, meaning it is suitable for use in conditions where hygiene is of concern, such as hospitals or food-preparation areas.

Thicknesses and Availability:

Good availability for delivery in and around London.

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This Kemwell FireKem FP-900 Range includes the following readily available product thicknesses: 9mm and 12mm.

The folllowing thicknesses are manufactured to order: 15mm and 20mm, with lead times of approx. 8 weeks.

Product Information

General information about Kemwell FireKem FP-900

Product Application

General application non combustable building board

Kemwell's high performance non combustable building board, FireKem FP-900, is suitable for use in internal wall, shaftwall, service enclosures, ductwork, fire doors, ceilings, floors and roof applications.

Product Make-up


Kemwell FireKem FP-900 is a non combustable calcium silicate board manufactured from a homogeneous mixture of cement, organic cellulose fibres and selected mineral binder.

Product Properties

Thickness 9mm to 20mm
Board Length 2.4m
Board Width 1.2m
Board Edge Square

Product Prices

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Product ex-VAT inc-VAT
Kemwell FireKem FP-900 9mm, 65 x 1.2x2.4m = 187.2m² £6,637.09 £7,964.50
Kemwell FireKem FP-900 12mm, 50 x 1.2x2.4m = 144m² £6,778.01 £8,133.61
Kemwell FireKem FP-900 15mm, 40 x 1.2x2.4m = 115.2m² £6,769.73 £8,123.67
Kemwell FireKem FP-900 20mm, 30 x 1.2x2.4m = 86.4m² £7,783.87 £9,340.64

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Product Performance and Guides

Product Performance, Manufacturer Downloads, and Installation Guides

Product Performance

Thermal Conductivity 0.17 W/mK
Reaction to Fire A1, non combustable EN 13501-1:2007
Nominal Density 950 kg/m³
Product Thickness Thermal Resistance kg/m²
FireKem FP-900 9mm 9mm 0.05 m²K/W 8.9 kg/m²
FireKem FP-900 12mm 12mm 0.07 m²K/W 11.9 kg/m²
FireKem FP-900 15mm 15mm 0.09 m²K/W 14.8 kg/m²

Product Certificates

Please visit the Kemwell website for product certificates.